Be lazy - use clip.exe to send content to clipboard

Instead of mark and copy command (and most of the times you miss in the mark) you can use the clip command and send content by using pipe and clip to the clipboard.

gc c:/test/my.xml | clip

This will send the content of my.xml to clipboard.

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  1. because programmers are humans (too), they are also creatures of habits.
    that's why most programmers will not only reuse and stick to older work procedures, but also write the same code again and again.
    there are many ways to loop, but you mostly use the one you learned when started programming.
    very few will take the time and learn alternative looping and choose what to do according to when it's needed.
    most developers will use strings in a very basic way and will not re-write their code (or re-think it from inception) until their code crashes or slows down to a snail's bullet time and are forced to.
    that is, in my opinion, exactly why most eclipse users will not switch to other IDEs and vice Versa.
    that's why many people have that frightened and surprised look in their eyes when they first read the resharper message that threatens to take over their known short cuts and add some others.
    i can think of many other examples but i think that curiosity and the willingness to experiment and change are what separate the good programmers from the ones that just follow protocol and that adapting your work environment and habits are good signs for that.
    of course, there's an option that you are so lazy that you prefer initial customization to any type of manual labor in the future, but you'll have to write a different post on that.

    1. I am totally agree. You mention a lot of reason to why we preferred the old school routine even if in the long term total it will take much more time. I am agree with all the reasons and this is the target of these posts to open our minds to productive tools