Apress Beginning Java Google App Engine

The book cover step by step in develop application to the cloud.
In the second half of the book the author explains in details how to create timecard application and upload it to google cloud.
The application is a java application with the following functionality:
• Authentication against some type of user repository to provide users with their own project settings and data.
• The ability for users to select a date range so that they can enter time for any start day of the week.
• A picklist for displaying a list of all projects that users are working on so that they can report time against each project.
• A picklist with project-specific milestones that users can report time against.
• An indicator for reporting whether the entry is billable or nonbillable.
• Input fields allowing users to enter time for individual days of the week, from Monday to Sunday.
• A subtotal of hours for all entries for a particular week, organized by project and milestone.
• A grand total of all hours for the current timecard.
• The ability to click a button to add a new time-entry row to the application.
• The ability to click a Save button that persists users’ entries to some type of data store and clears the user interface of all entries.
• The ability to display all of the timecard entries that a user has submitted.
• The ability for users to log out of their sessions and exit the application.

During develop of the application a lot of Google cloud aspects are explain and practice (persistency, authentication …).
The application is GWT application and the book cover use in GWT and Google app eclipse plug-in.

Bottom line – the best place to start.

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