Pragmatic.Debug It! Find, Repair, and Prevent Bugs in Your Code

The title is very sexy. I thought I will learn new technique for debug code, how to debug code in production, how to deal with various problems of debugging line concurrency and etc.
I read the preface of the book ad it seems that this is the target of the book to learn how to debug:

"I’ve always been mystified why so few books are available on debugging. You can buy any number on every other aspect of software engineering such as design, code construction, requirements capture, methodologies... the list is endless. And yet, for some reason, debugging has been almost (not quite but very nearly) ignored by authors and publishers. I hope that this book can help remedy the situation."

But and a "big but"

The book is in very low level. It teaches the obvious. The focus of this book is if you have continues and a good tests it will be simple to debug. The examples are superficially.
A developer with few years experience will not have any benefit from this book.

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